Alexa and Google Home Applications

Do you think smart personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home are only meant to playing music and adding a cool factor in your office or home décor? Let our team show you the power of these amazing voice apps. We create dynamic and seamless interactions for your customers by using platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home and enable you to build high-value experiences for your customers.

Explore Our Enterprise Solutions for Alexa and Google Assistant

According to a Google Blog Post, “41% of folks who have voice-activated speakers say that using it feels like talking to a friend, or at least another person. They are even saying ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and even ‘sorry’.”
It is clear that capitalizing on powerful enterprise solutions for Alexa and Google Home assistants directly means establishing your brand in “at-home” atmosphere while superbly exceling in offering greater customer satisfaction and ensuring repeat business. Whether you are looking to implement your first voice-enabled channel or to make enhancements in your current voice applications, our experts have the capability to support your business from design through implementation to ongoing maintenance and future augmentations.

Make Voice-Activated Speaker Your Brand Extension

Deliver Great Experiences Across Platforms

We offer scalable, flexible and cost-effective enterprise solutions and deploy applications across multiple platforms without taking too much of time – in days not weeks.
• Faster deployment
• Competitive cost
• Better user- experience
• On-going Maintenance

Gain Increased Visibility Into Customer Experiences

Get easy analytics and diagnostics in one comprehensive view that will allow you to measure and improve how users are interacting with you through Alexa and Google Assistant. Gather data on:
• Repeat Users
• Average time to complete transactions
• Features accessed by users

Turn Insights Into Powerful Action

Data gathering helps us to capture the success rate of your products and enable you to formulate a constant improvement cycle to ensure customers continue to see value in the experience they’ve installed in their home.
• Gain application usage insight.
• Discover pain points and plan to add additional features.
• Take the application to the next level.

Need an efficient team for Integrating Alexa or Google Home in your project?