Our Practices

Data Analytics

According to a research, “Big Data adoption reached 53% in 2017 up from 17% in 2015, with telecom and financial services leading early adopters.” Data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to find potential business opportunities. This not only makes users happy but also leads to smarter business decisions, more efficient operations, and greater profits.

Data analytics, especially business intelligence analytics, empower the organizations to predict their customers’ behavior and take necessary actions accordingly. Our data experts examine large amounts of data to discover hidden patterns, users’ behavior, connections and other insights and make it easier for you to come up with new products and services to meet customers’ needs. Today’s technology has made it feasible to analyze the data and get answers from it about “why”, “what” and “how” so you can make faster, better and smarter business decisions.

Block Chain/ Hashgraph

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a technology that provided a visible AND secure accounting of all your transactions, in chronological order, with a completely transparent and virtually impenetrable peer network?

Welcome to the world of Blockchain, where thousands (sometimes millions, if you’re Bitcoin) of computers verify each transaction BEFORE its even posted to the chain, making it indisputable. Each block can store up to 1mb of information, and is recorded without using your actual name, but a digital signature (similar to a username) instead, complete with the date, time, amount and other details related to the transaction. Each block is assigned a “hash” or code, that allows you to tell it apart from every other block, creating a sort of transactional DNA.

Not only are you securing your transactions with Blockchain, but having a linear, chronological record will enable you to view and assess your activities, providing opportunities for review and growth, as well as offer insight into the activities of your competition should they utilize the security as well.

Blockchain has many unique features, all of which point to being more transparent, and more efficient. Formerly used almost exclusively by Bitcoin, Blockchain is now being utilized across industries, from healthcare to real estate.

Allow Cygnus to prepare your business to enter into an exclusive security network that validates and protects your transactional data with the best program available.

RPA (Robotic Processing Automation)

More and more industries are bringing their offices into the digital age. Gone is the era of mountains of paperwork, and endless file cabinets. We are birthing the dawn of a new age, and it’s becoming imperative to stay up to date with all of the latest technologies and conveniences the modern day has to offer in order to stay relevant, and competitive. Join us in our quest to enlighten others, and what better place to begin, than with your own personal digital assistant? Now, some of these technologies are AI, and have the pricetag to match. We are offering a cost-effective system that is capable of running your day to day office activities from spreadsheets, to receipts to processing data from multiple sources, and filing away with dates, times and forms to match. What is this software? RPA is a software bot designed to reduce repetitive, tedious and mundane tasks; allowing you to focus on the activities with higher returns. With RPA, you have a personal assistant that follows each task to completion using the exact rules you put into place. User friendly, your RPA software is a personalized, cross-functional, multi-tasking program that is also compatible with most existing programs and applications you may have in place. RPA is a software robot, not an AI or Enterprise, so it doesn’t require a new piece of equipment making it more accessible. It is designed to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks on your employees. Its capabilities are limited to the rules you provide, it doesn’t learn on its own. Your typical programs will only be able to focus on one task at a time, or even having to create specific robots to complete each task, with RPA, you’re able to program multiple tasks that will be completed in order, with the data being manipulated across platforms and applications. Be among the first in your industry to implement RPA, and reap the benefits!

PQM (Project Quality Management)

What is the foremost thing you expect from a company that works with you? Quality, right? And Project Quality Management has always been our first priority. We pull out all our weapons; processes and activities and establish an enterprise-wide quality measurement program by investing in quality management infrastructure to achieve the best project quality.

The best way to prevent delays is addressing quality glitches early in the lifecycle and that’s why we use tried and tested approaches and process frameworks, such as the agile development, the moment we start working on a project. It’s important to consider project-specific variables, such as the cost of delays, importance and value of timely delivery, and marketplace quality expectations, to prevent unforeseen project stumbles. We mount a stable and effective quality measurement system to deliver tangible business results.

User Experience Design

Before designing any product or application, the important question to ask is, “is this what our customers need or we are just massaging our ego?” Considering human-centered research and design before development process ensures that you work together with your target audience and accordingly design the product to eliminate the risk of failure and create the best user experience.

Many times, we happen to meet promising entrepreneurs who would come up with a great product idea covered with their own interest. However, they tend to disregard the concept of putting users first and over a product idea. Ignoring user experience in the business plan has ramifications that could result in a business catastrophe. That’s why, throughout the product development process, we implement an iterative and user-centered design process to achieve outcomes that are cognizant and inspired by users and completely aligned to their needs.

RPG (Report Program Generator)

RPG has come a long way since its inception in 1959 as a tool that was developed to serve as an alternative for the punch card processing system on the IBM 1401. Businesses have escalated their needs from integrating new technologies, new databases, new platforms and new devices. The latest version RPG IV provides a robust and efficient environment for programmers to efficiently manipulate and solve issues in addition to performing a wide array of tasks ranging from creating new codes to troubleshooting and maintenance of existing codes.

Cygnus’ strength lies in deploying the right resources in order to ensure high efficiency by integrating the essential codes into business operations. Additionally, we take pride in handling large range of tasks that include but not limited to: Analysis, design, development, debug, troubleshoot and maintenance of the IBM software and creation of RPG programs from scratch or enhance existing codes.

User-Centered Design: Our approach to EVERYTHING that we make!

Why User-Centered Design? Because it makes everyone happy.
What if we told you that you could easily avoid common design industry frustrations, deliver the best products that users love to use and build a cordial and trustworthy relationship with them while growing together? Does it sound dreamy? It is but NOT impossible. A user-centered design does everything we just mentioned and Cygnus is crazily in love with it. We believe in one thing – if the product is NOT for users then it’s NOT at all a product.
We consider UCD as a belief system built around some core principles. Wikipedia has aptly summarized UCD in one line, “we should try to optimize the product around how users can, want, or need to use the product, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate the product” and this is our motto that we follow in every project.