Job Description

The engineer will help build MLOPS pipelines for a Computer Vision based platform

Skill set

  • SW Dev with Python, IaC (Terraform), experience with platform/utility lib dev, cloud tech (GCS, BQ, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, GKE, VertexAI, Pipeline etc.), container orchestration pipelines, MLOPS, DevOps, CI\CD (Jenkins, Gitops), datastore\database dev, AI\ML basics.
  • Proficient in Python Programming.
  • Understanding of MLOps, Model development lifecycle with knowledge of Training and Deployment pipelines for Machine Learning solutions.
  • Very good understanding about one or more container orchestration frameworks (KubeFlow etc.).
  • Exposure to Google Cloud Tech (GCS, BQ, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, GKE, VertexAI/KF Pipeline, etc.).
  • Knowledge of Git and Github. Gitops, CI/CD deployments with Jenkins.
  • Exposure to IaC (Terraform), experience with platform/utility lib dev.
  • Familiar with AI\ML Models and its basics.
  • Experience working as one or more of the following DevOps Engineer, SRE, Platform Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Engineer, and/or Production Engineer.

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