Job Description

BSS/ OSS Architect  

(Operations support systems (OSS), operational support systems in British usage, or Operation System (OpS) in , are computer systems used by  to manage their networks (e.g., telephone networks). They support management functions such as  and .

Together with  (BSS), they are used to support various end-to-end telecommunication services. BSS and OSS have their own data and service responsibilities. The two systems together are often abbreviated OSS/BSS, BSS/OSS or simply B/OSS.)

•    Experience working with clients to understand their complex requirements and developing the solution in BSS/OSS (billing, ordering, provisioning , fault management, ticketing etc) and SalesForce platform. (Preferable) (Internal Salesforce architecture gap can be covered by the   team)

•   Solid in enterprise system architecture experience

•   Strong understanding of integration frameworks along with Salesforce surrounding systems. 

 (Integration experience with other Salesforce Applications and integration with internal and external systems is also good)

•    Designing end to end solution architecture.

•    Experience with end to end implementations, integrations, and enhancement projects and   delivering overall solution architectures for CRM applications (Internal Salesforce architecture gap can be covered by the team)

•   Solid understanding of SaaS and CRM development processes and methodologies

•    Ability to create supporting technical documentation (business system architecture and technical system architecture), detailed design specifications and effort estimations 

•    Knowledge about OOTB functionality and the ability to guide developers between using configuration or coding 

•    Proven ability to effectively communicate complex ideas, issues, concepts and solutions to clients and executive project stakeholders

•    Telcom’s, Media or Utilities industry experience preferred

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