In everyday evolving technology time, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation guru on your side. Whether you are working on a new idea or struggling to put one into place, the team at Cygnus is all you need to help you find the best technology solution to provide a perfect fit to your toughest business problems. Cygnus consulting services help organizations better understand emerging technologies, implement agile design standards and take adopt a vital strategy to tools and methodologies. Cygnus consultants work across all IT dimensions—from understanding current business procedures to recognizing gaps to creating making key objectives for digital transformation. Our consulting services allow you to maximize the potential of your business to reveal insights from underlying patterns, derived from your data. We alter our services to deliver solutions that rationalize and simplify the resource deployment and management services.


Today’s dynamic economic condition organizations may want to enlist temporary staff depending upon their projects within reach for them Cygnus offers Contract Staffing Services. This helps organizations to get the skilled force at a low cost and simultaneously, they can stay competitive in the rapidly evolving business sectors. It also amplifies productivity, enhances quality, saves cost, and offers admittance to a resource of diverse skillsets for a limited period. As one of the leading in contract staffing for the industries who are in demand, we provide the liability of the large chunks of contract staffing solutions. 


End-to-End staffing

We provide organized recruiting services and assist clients in right talent acquisition encompassing various recruitment stages.

Quality of service along with a successful hit ratio

We furnish the quality of services along with an effective hit ratio resulting in a very less turnaround time.

Strict adherence to compliance and statutory

We provide organized and streamlined with proper norms and regulations extend to every facet.

Strong management and center of excellence company

With embraces innovation we strive with natural appetite for innovation and a willingness to take calculated risks.


Cygnus comes with a deep understanding of the staffing market and has the capabilities to partner with small to large businesses to hire and deliver the best talent in the industry. With an active database of the relevant candidates, our team of experts can source resources with the right combination of talent, skills, aptitude, and attitude which is the qualification an organization looks for in a candidate. We have worked with brands across various domains to deliver astounding outcomes with our Permanent Staffing Services.


Flexible array of services

With flexible services and a well-trained & dedicated team to materialize the permanent staffing solutions.

Well-maintained repository of candidates

We maintain a perfect liaison disciplined process in the recruitment of temporary candidates for business.

Utility adherence on a comprehensive basis

We assist clients on the seasonal staffing requirements by providing the temporary staffing services.

Multi industry delivery capabilities

With the Goal of bringing Associates and clients at one place we serve the multiple industries.


For the organizations looking to save money on hiring cost, improve recruiting effectiveness, and outsource their recruitment process to enlistment cycle to third party talent acquisition companies. Cygnus offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services (RPO) for all size of organizations across different verticals our altered and flexible enlistment measure encourages your organization to remain competitive and relevant in today’s challenging business environment. A portion of the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing incorporates adaptability, affordability, and reduced opportunity to advertise. 


Workforce planning and gain agility using market insights

Building agility and bridging the skill gaps Strategic workforce planning, upskilling, effective recruiting.

Minimized hiring costs by reducing reliance

Downsizing cost of hiring cost and reach expectation that they will achieve economic benefits.

Seamless Compliance and Scalability

Rigorous processes to ensure a legally streamlined responses customizable solutions during for periods.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Enhance process to amplify employer brand with ultimate approach that focuses on the candidate experience.