End to End Industrial Solutions


At Cygnus, we comprehend the industry of healthcare outcomes, upgraded cost alongside advancing consistence needs well and have adjusted our services strategies to help healthcare organizations explore their digital journey of tomorrow. Our Healthcare industry services are planned with standards of digital transformation in line with Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Management System
According to the reports of Healthcare IT industry latest news there is a rise in the adoption of healthcare IT services in the recent years. From patient monitoring to improved care assistance, it is raised 13% to 26% when compared. Advancing technology, increased use of the smartphones and internet activities are contributed towards the adoption and growth of IT in the healthcare sector. Due to the pandemic COVID-19 opens a several opportunities for the marketplace to gain profit on competitive edge by investing in opportunities. It has strengthened the demand for online medical consulting globally.

Electronic health records Management

Using Electronic health records, EHRs for depot of patient information in a digital manner used by hospitals & clinics to dump the complete medical history as electronic health records of a patient integrated with hospital management software and practice management software.

Hospital Management

Fully integrated system capable of managing the entire hospital capable of managing appointments and electronic health records for both inpatient records. Managing doctor’s catalogs, surgeries, other procedures, and all the aspects related to them.

Practice Management Software

Practice management includes the activities, actions and resources that guarantee the everyday tasks of clinical practice. Dealing with services practice can be difficult and tedious may manage financial, and technological tasks on top of ensuring patients get the most ideal consideration.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry

Serving the needs of pharmaceutical and life-science medical services through the technology with an extraordinary depth and breadth of services. With agenda of Innovative, cost effective solutions to meet the demands companies that are seeking ways to enrich the R&D productivity, increase the efficiency of its operations.

Clinical Trail Management Software Development

Speed up your business drug advancement and administrative cycles with a protected and grievance preclinical and clinical preliminary administration programming, like Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome data collection, Patient recruitment solutions, Early clinical data management solutions.

Pharma Manufacturing & commercialization Software Development

Stay coordinated, keep up severe quality administration and smooth out pharma assembling to meet customer’s determinations and administrative prerequisites with the assistance such as Production planning and procurement software, Traceability and recall management software, Product quality management software.

Pharma Distribution Software Development

Smooth out the progression of requesting, selling, warehousing and delivery drug and life sciences items with the assistance of Accounting, customer, and service management. Automation and inventory software, Warehouse management solutions, Logistics solutions.

Banking and Financial Industries

Organizations in the financial administrations industry are speeding towards digitally change to stay aware of client interest and stay competitive over time. Cygnus open approach arrangements the language of the business and give financial organizations, banking, protection, abundance the executives and fintech specialists with even minded innovation arrangements and financial programming transformations.

Payment Gateway & Easy Integration

We pioneer in on the web and in-application installments zeroing in on a consistent experience, security, and misrepresented prevention. We create custom APIs to incorporate customers’ answers with generally acknowledged outsider third-party payment services.

Mobile Banking & Loan Management Software

We work with the web and on-premises banks to digitalize client onboarding experience and improve on monetary activities. We break down recorded information to decrease hazards, mechanize advance issuance, and cut expenses across credit markets.

Analytics and reporting with Omnichannel experience

We empower monetary specialist co-ops to settle on educated choices a lot quicker with perception dashboards and gauging highlights to make computerized interfaces for banking applications and web stages and acquaint gamification into client’s associations with draw in them to utilize your item.


Global events have shifted our reality overnight, turning most of our connections virtual and the need for the network services provide has never been greater. Regardless of whether you are hoping to digitalize your organization to scale quicker to satisfy expanding limit needs, limit blackout hazards, or get your groups inclined up on important abilities, Cygnus is here to help.
Seeing the always developing change of the telecom business, our customers can maintain their organizations in sync with the change and make totally new plans of action with the services we provide.

Network Planning and Designing

Wise Designs with Advanced and Emerging innovations is our guarantee. We Offer a wide scope of services which cater Copper, Fiber and Hybrid fiber coaxial innovations in all territories. Cygnus has a blend of specialists with experience in Telecom NOCs, Field Implementations, GIS applications and IT Applications.

Inventory Management Solutions to Enhance Operation

Organization Inventory Management assumes a fundamental part in getting sorted out all the organization framework information by keeping up the information exceptional and determine a smoothed-out cycle to viably deal with the organization. Our Telco group has extraordinary involvement with the proposed network.

Geo-Spatial Data Analytics

Now-a-days with the advent of new technologies like the cloud, embedded sensors, the mapping, and analysis have been taken to the next level. Geospatial Data analytics is the approach of utilizing statistical analysis and other informational techniques and methodologies with data which has a geographical or network component.

Public Sector

Public Services and the Government are confronted with numerous difficulties like cuts in the financial plan, meeting certain consistence orders and higher client’ assumptions and requirements. The Public organization ordinarily works with a great deal of paper reports, structures, mail, and documents. Their cycles are paper based and are kept in old applications. To boost the administrations to their residents and to decrease the costs they need a significant and financially savvy methodology.

Network Protection

Refined hacking strategies, including polymorphism and jumbling, make it trying to comprehend pernicious projects. With AI in network protection, specialists recognize and forestall digital assaults with least human intercession. For instance, Gmail utilizes AI strategies to obstruct more than 100 million spam messages in a day.

Prescient Maintainace

Prescient support targets using information from your machine to fabricate prescient models for decreasing expenses and mileage on hardware. With AI, we can assist your office with understanding the ideal chance to plan upkeep and purchase spare parts.

General Health & Safetu

Utilizing information from different sources, we can assemble AI models that empower comprehension of how all medications are recommended at the area level. Subsequently, offices can distinguish the connection between non-narcotic put together medications and their contact with respect to the narcotic demise rate the nation over.

Retail Management

Retail Management System is savvy, thorough, and adaptable Point of Sale answer for multi-channel retailers and leverages. This framework will help you control and deal with your stock, to accomplish adjusted stock taking all things together your classes. The retail business has been upset starting from the earliest stage since the approach of cloud innovation, and a requirement for a solitary arrangement that mechanizes most undertakings with full influence innovation has emerged.

Delivers World-class Management Software

Cygnus retail management, through the implementation of the right enterprise systems, can help you in accurately tracking customer web and analyze every interaction. By capturing data from a bevy of sources and by being aware of customer sentiments, you can effectively forecast their demand, use it to inform your supply chain, design products to meet those demands, and seamlessly manage inventory in a multifaceted and global retail environment.

Customer Service Solution

The Customer Service Solution allows you to deliver responsive customer service from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. This will equip your service engineers with everything they need to be more productive, resolve more cases, and satisfy your customers. They can log complaints, have a 360-degree view of information, allocate resources, track warranties, manage requests, and build preventive maintenance reports.

Support Multiple Tax rats & Payment Models

Our Cygnus Retail Management Software supports numerous tax rates, enabling you to deal with different tax authorities plus taxes. It is also flexible to multiple payment modes, as it accepts cards and bank transfers in addition to cash giving your retail business the flexibility to complete transactions and accept payment anywhere.


Cygnus manufacturing innovation services expect to help organizations fit innovation, improve efficiencies, and gain absolute perceivability across big business capacities. Our space mastery is advanced by growing new assistance contributions for our customers, permitting them to flawlessly progress from customary technique to a more powerful help conveyance model, empowered by associated computerized producing arrangements focused on measure improvement. Our master group helps drive development by consolidating industry best practices.

Supply Chain Planning during the crisis

In the time of growing worldwide inventory chains and organizations, successful, information driven store network arranging is more vital than any time in recent memory. It happens that occasionally point by point inventory network arranging may not resemble a convincing time venture since figures can be incorrect, and plans can turn out badly. The current pandemic has instructed us that request can change overnight.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

We have attempted to enhance manufacturing measures with use cases, for example, Store network Intelligence by giving, individuals across your inventory network, perceivability into client interest and the conveyance of merchandise. Key execution markers progressively: machine usage, measure effectiveness costs, stock levels, misfortunes and process durations across areas and time.

Advanced Analytics

Influence Polestar’s mastery in the assembling business to make winning systems, for example, execute prescient upkeep by examining the authentic exhibition information of creation units and hardware to foresee and expect disappointments. Enhance production network with cutting edge demonstrating of thousands of boundaries and conditions that affect the absolute productivity. Diminish the quantity of tests needed for quality confirmation utilizing huge information arrangement with AI ability.

Logistics & Transportation

Globalization has developed an associated world and opened outskirts for business and exchange. In any case, this development is combined with difficulties in store network the board, limit and request the executives, cargo arranging, operational proficiency and innovation reception for Transportation, Distribution, Freight and Logistics suppliers. The Transportation, Logistics and Freight industry faces various problematic patterns remembering the moved concentration for developing business sectors for development, digitization-driven difficulties to set up plans of action, over-guideline, conversion standard instability and international vulnerability.

Dealer Management & Delivery

Productive seller the executive’s framework that enables you to deal with your business simpler. We make innovation frameworks that can be effortlessly utilized from your work area, cell phone and different gadgets empowering you to deal with your business in a hurry. Amazing delivery and conveyance measure the board on the run, we give you transportation and coordination web and application digitalization that permit you access your orders, armada, conveyance framework and others.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse centers address a vital connection in the production network. A few degrees of stockrooms can be found in a common dissemination chain to be specific, Central distribution centers, Regional and Retail stockrooms. These stockrooms associate with one another ceaselessly to guarantee bother free satisfaction tasks. Improvement of distribution center activities help in overseeing assets and expenses viably.

Transportation Analytics & Data Integration

Logistics is an intricate cycle including a few exercises which are performed by different IT frameworks. It is basic that every one of these frameworks are associated effectively and trade data consistently to accomplish greatness across the store network. Nous encourages coordination associations in incorporating a few IT frameworks like WMS, ERP, CRM and then some. Our specialists help in removing and investigating wise information structure the frameworks and present it to the partners viably.